Technical info



All radiators are supplied with 4 x 1/2” connections. The Integrale, Compla Integrale and Ligna Integrale have 6 x 1/2" connections. Connections at the left side are possible for the Integrale, as this type of radiator has no welded lugs and consequently is reversible (except Type 11). The vertical radiators can only be connected at the bottom or diagonally.

Lug positions


Quinn Radiators makes life easy. From now on, the lowest lugs on radiators which are equipped with will be at the same height.

Colour and finishing


Quinn radiators are supplied in white reference RAL 9016.


All Quinn radiators have been fully treated against rust. Firstly, they are degreased. Then a water-based electrophoretic base coat is applied. After this, the radiators are enamelled with an epoxy polyester powder, reference RAL 9010. The paint total thickness is at least 50 microns. This painting procedure protects the radiators against rust, damage and scratching.

Sizes and dimensions


All sizes are given in millimetres. All dimensions have a tolerance in accordance with the EN 442-2 standard.


Quinn radiators are manufactured from high-quality cold-rolled steel with a thickness according to EN 442-1.



In order to avoid any damage during transport and storage, the four sides of the radiator are protected with cardboard. Then it is packed in shrink-wrapped polythene. The label mentions the radiator type, height and length. The assembly kit is inside the packaging. The packaging does not need to be removed on assembly. The risk of damage is therefore extremely small.



All Quinn radiators are pressure tested to 13 bar and are suitable for a working pressure up to 10 bar. Maximum water temperature is 90°C and for the vertical radiators 110°C (according to EN 442-2).

Heat emission


All Quinn radiators have been tested by the HLK institute in Germany. The heat emissions were determined in accordance with the EN 442-2 standard.

Water content


Quinn radiators' low water content stands out. This allows the radiator to heat up faster and enables greater precision over temperature control.



Quinn radiators are manufactured in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard. All Quinn radiators come with a 10 year warranty under the condition that the radiators have been installed by a qualified installer with appropriate use and maintenance.

Conditions of sale

The conditions of sale are applicable as stated overleaf the invoices and the order confirmations.


Quinn Group Belgium NV maintains the right to change any of its products' technical characteristics at any time and without prior notification. Quinn Group Belgium NV will not be held responsable for any errors on this website.